Animal Race from Yael Braha on Vimeo.

An installation commissioned by the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, “Animal Race” compares the running speed of humans to the one of animals via an interactive experience.

After visitors select which animal they would like to compete against, they engage in a short run. The animation of the chosen animal is projected along the the screen, running and competing with them side-by-side in real time.

Race results are immediately visualized, as well as data visualization displaying the results of the competitions throughout the day (e.g. how many wins/losses of humans versus which animal, and other data such as BMI, age, gender). When the installation is not in use, additional data visualization display fun facts and top animal running speeds.


Original Concept: Yael Braha, Natasha Nicolai
Development and Programming: Yael Braha
Hand-Drawn animation: Yael Braha
Motion Graphics: Mark Coleran
Camera & editor: Joanne Fong
Camera: Glenn Mercado
Music by: Jonathan Ojeda
Production Assistance: Lincoln Smith, Michael Braha, Andrew Goring
Tech Advisors: Malcolm Knapp, Marcel Schouwenaar

Animal Race

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