artifacts in motion
artifacts in motion
artifacts in motion
artifacts in motion

A sound-reactive and generative visual show of “Symphony No. 4: From Mission to San Juan” by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Kevin Puts, performed by the Grammy Award winning Minnesota Orchestra. Commissioned by the EYEO Festival.


/ärtəfakts/ in motion is a homage to the pioneers of early experimental film animation such as Len Lye, Walter Ruttmann, Hans Richter, and Oskar Fishinger, whose work has had a profound and lasting impact. This sound reactive projection mapping piece revisits and reinterprets their techniques by employing a generative approach.

While traditional experimental animators transposed in images music that already existed, this show is visually generated and articulated by the timbre, amplitude, frequencies, patterns and narrative of the orchestra’s score in real time.

Analog sensing devices and sonic inputs provide live data that is analyzed and procedurally trigger the generation of unique visuals. Every instrument has pre-determined visual qualities designed to evolve over time, to harmonically coexist with the others, and to complement, enrich and interact with the live orchestra.



Original Concept & Creative Director Yael Braha
3D projection mapping Matthew Childers, Yael Braha
Cinematography Michael Braha, Joseph Zamjahn
AV Programming Joe Catchpole, Jim Warrier
Audio Programming: Chris O’Dowd
2D/3D artists Tim Shetz, Lincoln Smith, Brittnie Diamant, Matthew Childers, Yael Braha, Jennifer McNeal
Support Support for this project came from The Eyeo Festival. Additional hardware support from Obscura Digital.
Special Thanks Jai Sayaka, Betsy Kopmar, Vlad Spears, John Scanlon, Joris de Jong, Bonne Knibbe

artifacts in motion

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