Conducting energy through people to stimulate tangible public interactions.

Project Description:
By interacting, not just with an installation, but with also with each other, people are able to transform their environment through connection. Undertaken as an entry in the 2012 Urban Prototyping Festival organized by GAFFTA.

Two metal hands are mounted to the wall. When two or more individuals complete the circuit they provoke audiovisual responses. The level of interactivity is determined by the flow of current through the individuals.

Instructables Design Competition: 2nd place
Realität Microsonic Landscape competition: Winner (For the purpose and execution of the processing sketch)

Team Credits:
Yael Braha: Hand Holder + Processing Hacker + Visual Designer + Teacher
Tosh Chiang: Hand Holder + Arduino Hacker + Concept Generator
Melody Donoso: Hand Holder + Research
Ellen Keith: Hand Holder + Web Design
Jasdeep Garcha: Hand Holder + Sound Engineer + Programmer
Mark Roth: Hand Holder + Fabricator

My Role:
Created all processing visualization; established connection and data interface between Arduino and Processing.

Artpad 2013.05 / San Francisco
Autodesk Design Night 2013.03 / San Francisco
Urban Prototyping Festival 2012.10 / San Francisco
A Temporary Offering 2012.10 / San Francisco
Off the Grid 2012.12 / San Francisco

I Just Wanna Hold Your Hand

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