The Treebook
The Treebook
The Treebook
The Treebook
The Treebook
The Treebook

Inspired by the flying books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, I conceived this installation for the Autumn Lights Festival, held in the Gardens at Lake Merrit in Oakland (October 2012).

Ultrasonic distance sensors placed around the installation detect people approaching the tree and trigger servo motors which move books, while a selection of book quotes read in various languages is heard in the background. The overall impression is that of a flying flock of illuminated books.

Concept, Development & Installation
Yael Braha
Consultation & installation
Mark Coleran
Electronics consultation
Michael Shiloh, Chris Dadzitis, Tosh Chiang, Noisebridge
Audio Recording and editing
Michael Braha
Additional editing
Sarah Reiwitch

Arduino microcontrollers
12v 8A battery
12 servo motors
3 ping sensors

The Treebook

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